Have you ever seen a serious athlete or sports team reach peak performace without a coach? In the competitive world of commerce, the decision to hire a business coach brings the same impact.

A good coach helps their clients stretch, push their boundaries, and fast track implementation that puts them on the path toward additional revenues and profits in an expedited fashion. Furthermore, a good coach is focused on the client’s potential, and helping them reach that level through objective feedback, challenging training, and motivation. Usually, people who work with a business coach are already high achievers. They’ve reached the top of their organization and recognize the value of having a person in their corner who will help them grow.

To Hire A Business Coach Is To Plan For Action

A business growth coach provides best practice guidance for building a high performing company. While networking groups and industry councils are great resources, the most effective executives are too busy running their companies to put a lot of time into separating the best advice from the things that aren’t worth their time. As a coach, my job is to provide my clients with a practical plan full of actionable recommendations. “Flavor of the month” programs are a recipe for confusion and frustration throughout the company. They cost both time and money and never gain traction.. On the other hand, an action-driven plan that gets implemented gives your team focus and direction, and helps you achieve your goals faster.

My primary goal as a coach is to stretch and guide my clients’ potential to achieve results faster than they can alone. I use objective feedback to drive professional development among the CEO and leadership team. Assumptions or hope about the current and future state of the company can be misleading. A good business coach helps ground the company in the facts. 

How Can A Coach Help The Leadership Team Communicate?

You may be wondering how a coach fits into a leadership team with an open communication policy. Doesn’t the CEO already receive data-driven information from their trusted leadership team? Will the introduction of a coach disrupt those relationships? The truth is that even in the best leadership teams, the members still report to the CEO and may not push back against him or her as hard as they should when debating certain issues. CEOs who are interested in learning and development recognize the drawbacks to this dynamic and approach the solution with intentionality. A decision to hire a business coach is a decision to be accountable to the process, the team, and growth.

The understanding of how to conduct and execute strategic planning is the beginning of a coach/executive relationship. The process involves deep thinking, discovery, planning, and accountability. As we implement the process, there is a sequence and flow that brings success. It’s always exciting to me as a coach to see how each company that I work with approaches the process from their team’s unique perspective and market position.

While we work together to build your company and achieve your goals each quarter and year, the coaching role becomes a sounding board and confidante for the CEO. An experienced business coach has been in the hot seat – I can relate to the unique pressures of the CEO/Owner role, and I approach all of our interactions with that understanding. My clients can discuss sensitive information with the security of knowing it will be held in confidence.

Creating a Successful Company Culture

When you hire a business coach, the benefits can reverberate throughout your organization. First, your coach can serve as a mentor to help improve the leadership team’s knowledge and skills. Good leaders understand that business growth depends on the growth of individuals within the team. A good business coach supports company growth by sharing tools, education, and actionable ideas with the team.

Every company has a culture. Successful companies have a culture by design, not by default. In companies with a healthy culture, the leadership has a core ideology that sets the tone for each member of the team. When implemented well, you observe a cohesive team who are engaged with each other and focused on solutions. Now, imagine a team whose engagement and drive is centered around a clearly defined strategic plan for growing the company. If you’re excited by the possibilities of this, you’re exactly the kind of leader who should hire a business coach.

Coaching Benefits Beyond The Leadership Team

Many leaders have a great strategic vision, and provide it to their team, only to become disappointed when the results are underwhelming. Sometimes this is because they’ve missed crucial steps – a strategic vision needs to be clarified, and backed up with execution planning and measures of accountability for everyone. It isn’t enough for every team member to understand what the company goal is. In high performing companies, each unit or department understands that they are all working toward the same critical numbers. Employees at each level also know how success is defined and have concrete goals to achieve.

Engaging front line team members in the company’s strategic plan creates a stronger team. Transparent leadership growth creates a stronger sense of stability within the company culture. No one wants to come to work every day uncertain of whether their contributions matter. No one wants to work under “leadership” that acts like they have nothing new to learn. Leaders that hire a business coach foster a happier, less drama-filled place for everyone to work.

Where Can Your Company Go From Here?

Good business coaches come equipped with relevant experience, a positive energy and a knowledge of the best practices to help you scale your company. Moreover, I can help you see blind spots, act as a source for new ideas, and support you in being your best. I will work with your leadership team to support their development and facilitate effective communication among your team. I’ll help you develop an engaged, focused company culture. I’d like to serve as a catalyst to help you crystallize your goals, set your course and take action towards building the company you’ve always dreamed of leading.

Let’s talk about how I can help you. Schedule a free consultation call with me right now, and let’s get started!