Core Ideology

What Drives Flywheel?

Build up and Breakthrough Transformation

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins used the image of a flywheel to describe the process of momentum buildup for companies on the path to becoming great.  This transformation takes place following proper decisions and disciplined actions one turn of the flywheel at a time.  Each turn gradually increases the momentum, until breakthrough, when the wheel spins faster and faster with no additional effort required.  What a terrific analogy for building a great company and how perfectly in sync with the results our coaching impact can have on your company.

Our core values are rooted in:

  • Building value for clients through hard work and discipline
  • Establishing relationships based on trust and truth.
  • Succeeding together in a win-win mindset.
  • Engaging with curiosity and a thirst for learning.

 My purpose is to unlock individual and organizational potential by helping business leaders build high performing organizations.

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