CEO + Leadership Roundtables

Teams that Learn Together, Win Together.

If you are looking to achieve transformational growth by implementing a comprehensive strategic execution system in a high collision learning environment, the CEO+Leadership Team Roundtable may be for you.

This program is dedicated to helping CEOs grow themselves, their team and their company by coach-led monthly meetings. Companies will follow a proven growth framework throughout the course of the program. They’ll build a clear, actionable strategy with clear execution accountabilities that leave the team unified and aligned.

You’ll surround yourself with likeminded leaders of noncompetitive companies while you drive your company’s performance to a new level. Teams will learn together, grow together and be accountable together. The roundtable program also has a place for CEOs to discuss the issues with their peers.

CEO + Leadership Roundtable Program Overview

  • CEOs and their leadership teams from select, non-competing companies working through a structured growth program in cohorts of up to 6 companies
  • An annual program with workshops facilitated by a certified Scaling Up and 3HAG coach
  • CEO-only mastermind sessions to discuss challenging business problems
  • A proven growth framework to scale with greater confidence and ease
  • One-on-one monthly CEO coaching calls
  • Software to run your strategic planning and execution processes
  • A structured format designed to improve earnings, cash flow and business valuation


  • A proven growth system (strategic execution framework, coach and software) structured to help you scale your company
  • Leadership team alignment, clarity and accountability around a well-crafted strategic plan
  • Scalability of processes and execution that enables more freedom
  • CEO peer learning, advice and support in a confidential forum
  • Growth of executive leadership capabilities and teamwork overall
  • Content and curriculum carefully curated from the best growth tools available
  • The CEO and leadership team are learning, planning and executing together
  • Rhythm (focused on the right critical things) + discipline = results
  • Building a truly Team-Led business
  • Each workshop session will optimize your company’s growth system, drive confidence in your strategic execution and increase predictability toward achieving your 3HAG (3 year highly achievable goal).

The CEO+Leadership Team Roundtable is suitable for businesses with $3M to $10M revenues. The program is selective and requires a minimum 1 year commitment. It is structured for both virtual and in person attendance. If you are interested in applying or learning more, please contact Mark at

Coaching + Team Growth Workshops + CEO Masterminds = Accelerated Growth

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