Do you have cash to weather the storm?
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Often times, cash is the number one growth constraint, Even profitable companies can have liquidity issues that constrain growth. To scale properly, you need as much internally generated cash as possible.

How We Work 

Every business has a cash flow story.

Do you have the cash you need to fuel your expansion?  

  • How efficient is your labor?  
  • What are your profitability drivers?
  • Are your financial statements giving you the information you need to run the business?  
  • What actions can you take to improve your cash flow?

We’ll work with your team to identify cash flow forces and influencers and ways to optimize them.  Implementing Scaling Up tools and processes not only improves cash flow but also enhances fundability because the company is quickly identified as having its “house” in order. This means easier financing and a higher enterprise value.

“Revenue is vanity. Profit is Sanity. Cash is king.” 
-Old Adage

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